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I've known Julie Matthews since 2008 and featured her at my autism conferences. She's a world-leading expert in Nutrition for Autism and champion of hope for millions of children. Now I'm excited to invite you - to help me and others spread the news about Nourishing Hope Summit. It's focused on Nutrition for ADHD, Autism & Anxiety.

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Join this UNIQUE Opportunity to Support the Groundbreaking Discussion about How Nutrition is Helping People with ADHD, Autism & Anxiety.

"Our 35 experts reveal the scientific connections between what children eat and varied symptoms of ADHD, autism and anxiety - and how NUTRITION can improve health, learning, behavior."
Julie Matthews,

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Who is This Discussion Created For?


Parents whose kids would benefit from improved diet and nutrition (ADHD, autism & anxiety), and individuals seeking similar nutritional solutions.

Health Professionals:

Nutrition practitioners, dietitians, health coaches, integrative medicine and functional medicine practitioners, and more) interested in the clinical application of therapeutic healing diets and nutrition.

The TOPIC: Nutrition for ADHD, Autism and Anxiety

The WHY:

- 1 in 6 have ADHD, 1 in 59 With Autism, 1 in 9 Suffer Anxiety

- Millions Medicate to Control Behavior, While Diet/Nutrition is Proven to Help - Naturally.

- Despite science and results, parents are not being told that food and nutrition affect their child, or that lives can improve! Erroneous hopeless prognoses impede parent's instinct to nourish their children.

The PASSION: Awareness and action by parents and clinicians to engage best practices with nutrition and therapeutic diets for healing.

The FOCUS: The Nourishing Hope Summit focuses on ONE thing - Nutrition. It's an  event intended to bring awareness to your community about the health benefits that proper nutrition has on healing ADHD, Anxiety and Autism in children. You will learn HOW, in ADHD, autism, and anxiety, certain body systems are routinely affected and what the science says about using food and nutrition to improve functioning. Find out which foods negatively affect learning, behavior and mood, and which nutrition and lifestyle approaches are known to help.

The HOST: World leading expert on nutrition for ADHD, autism, and related childhood conditions... Julie Matthews. For Nourishing Hope Summit 2020, Julie has curated the leading researchers, medical doctors, and nutrition and health professionals to present the science, clinical results, and steps that can be taken right away. They reveal the scientific connections between what children eat and varied symptoms of autism, ADHD, anxiety and many other disorders and diet-related challenges that so many children face today.

The PLAN: The Nourishing Hope Summit focuses on ONE thing - Nutrition, and being in the process of improved diet and nutrition for helping children improve. It's an urgent "Awareness" event intended to encourage participants to take action to apply the learning and get results for themselves.

Simply sharing the information changes lives; parents employ meaningful initial steps or join a "Step-by-step" program, and practitioners seek out deeper clinical insight to improve outcomes with patients and clients.

Each registrant will be given complimentary access to the 7 day discussion, featuring 35 expert interviews, and then will be offered the opportunity to own all 35 interviews, along with professionally taken notes, bonus materials, and two immediately helpful guides all for just $67!

We will have upsells in place for both Consumers and Health Professionals, which pay you between 25-50% commission!

Meet Your Host:
Julie Matthews, CNC

Since 2002, Julie Matthews is a leading expert in the science and application of therapeutic diets and nutrition for autism, ADHD, and related childhood disorders. Her award winning book, Nourishing Hope for Autism, guides parents and practitioners to make food and nutrition choices that improve symptoms, and Julie is co-author of "gold standard" scientific research that substantiates her approach. She founded Nourishing Hope and BioIndividual Nutrition Institute to further the practice of customized diet and nutrition.

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